Opening a Real Estate Business in Thailand

From the past few years, the real estate business in Thailand has experienced great growth opportunities. The market is scaling with each passing day as local, and foreigner investors are looking for ways to make profits through real estate industry. Renting, buying and selling properties in Thailand has become the main activity. Moreover, this business idea can help you get a good income in the long run.

If you are looking for some fruitful business idea for company registration in Thailand, you can think of real estate business. The local service providers can help you complete the formalities for the same. You may have to submit some documents to the local authorities, and this process can be easily executed with the help of a legal advisor in the area.

What documents are needed to start a real estate business in Thailand?

In order to start a real estate business in Thailand, you may have to follow some pre-set procedures. It is possible to set up your business activities just within 4 to 6 weeks after the creation of a Thai limited company. For this, you may also need an executive manager and three shareholders. The estimated share capital must be at least 2 million THB.

Look for a unique and memorable name of your business and get it registered in the area. You may also need to prepare Memorandum of association that provides essential details about all owners, purpose of the venture and capital as well. The next important step is to register for VAT and open an account in the Thai bank. The business visa permits are also necessary to start business operations in the country.

It is important to hire a few local employees in your business; however, one can also have some overseas employees as well. There is one good news that you need not have a real estate license to run your business in the country. Once the documents are approved by the authorities in the country, you can start your operations soon.

Benefits of opening real estate business in Thailand:

When you are interested in making money from a business in Thailand, the real estate sector can bring you great rewards. The real estate market in this area is quite attractive, and it offers amazing growth opportunities. You can find easy setup options in different cities. Some experienced real estate agents in the area may help you get better information about local market, properties and prices. The real estate business provides scopes for great profits in the long run. You can either provide services for property renting options or help them to buy or sell houses. It is also possible to buy old properties, renovate them and sell on a higher price to enjoy great returns. If you are skilled enough in handling real estate market movements, you can definitely take your business to a whole new level. It is better to take help from experts for company registration in Thailand so that you can start operations soon.

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